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1. A lot of people claim to have age-fighting ingredients in their products. What makes Reclaim® different? 3 found this answer useful
Reclaim® has Argireline Molecular Complex™, which is designed to battle free radicals and fights off the visible signs of aging. The primary ingredient is Argireline, the popular new ingredient in topical skin care helping smooth away the visible appearance of wrinkles. 
2. How does Reclaim® actually work? 0 found this answer useful
Find out about the science behind Reclaim® in our How Reclaim® Works section.

3. How much Argireline is in Reclaim®? 1 found this answer useful

The Nourishing Day Cream has 5% Argireline and the Nourishing Night Cream has 10% Argireline.

4. Is this system only for mature customers? Does it have any benefits to younger customers? 7 found this answer useful

Although the Reclaim® line was primarily created for mature age customers to combat wrinkles, it can also be beneficial for younger customers. Along with Reclaim®'s wrinkle fighting ingredients it also helps with texture, tone, dryness, and large pores.

5. Is Reclaim® non-comedegenic? 1 found this answer useful
6. Do Reclaim® Products contain a sunscreen? 3 found this answer useful

The Nourishing Day Cream contains SPF15.

7. Do Reclaim® Products contain perfume? 1 found this answer useful

Reclaim® products do not contain perfume.

8. Is Reclaim® tested on Animals? 10 found this answer useful
No, Reclaim® is not tested on animals
9. Is Reclaim® available in Retail Stores? 2 found this answer useful
No, Reclaim® is exclusively available for purchase through Guthy-Renker.

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